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The use of digital technology in medicine and health care is rapidly transforming the medical and health care industries for patient populations worldwide. As this transformation occurs, digital health start-ups and mid-market companies are increasingly entering into complex technical business transactions to sell their products to enterprise and institutional customers. However, the enterprise and institutional customer has more significant business and technical requirements than individual patients and small businesses, and the average digital health start-up and mid-market company will not be able to successfully meet the more specialized customer’s needs without a more robust understanding of all the needs and requirements of the customer, the prospective business transactions with the customer, and the customer contract.

Our Digital Health Contracting Workshops and Webinars will advise business lawyers and corporate executives on the issues and concerns that need to be addressed in any digital health transaction, and on how to conceive a business deal and negotiate an agreement of the caliber and sophistication level necessary to be successful in meeting the business and technical needs of the large enterprise and institutional customer.

digital Health contracts

Digital health contracts can be extremely complex to negotiate and draft but many corporate executives and business attorneys completely miss the complexity of these transactions. While warranties and indemnifications are important, do you really understand the business and technical concerns that need to be addressed in the contract? For example, if a hospital system has more than one location, what is really going to be involved with configuring the product at each location? Implementing the product for each location? Importing data from one or more older products into the new software? Important data from older software products to the new product? Training your workforce at each location? And will the go live date really be the same at each location? And how will you address all the potential new locations that might be added after the go live date? These are just a few of the many considerations you need to make in negotiating a digital health contract. Kristie Prinz, a Silicon Valley digital health transactions attorney, who has been working with digital health, SaaS, tech, and life sciences companies in Silicon Valley since 2000 and has negotiated and drafted numerous digital health contracts, presents workshops and webinars on digital health contracts, which are intended for executives and attorneys who are looking to better understand what they need to know before negotiating and drafting these transactions. Please join the mailing list above to be notified about her next upcoming events.

what you will learn

Key Issues and Concerns to Address in any Digital Health Transaction

Essential Terms in Digital Health Contracts

Unique Considerations in Digital Health Contracts

Planning for the Development of the Digital Health Relationship

Structuring Competitive Pricing Terms

Negotiation and Drafting Strategies and Techniques

compliance Concerns in Digital Health Contracts

Potential Areas for Disputes

Silicon Valley Digital Health Lawyer Kristie Prinz

Kristie Prinz is a Silicon Valley business lawyer who represents digital health, health technology, health IT, software, and SaaS companies in the negotiation and drafting of complex technical and IP transactions, including transactions with large enterprises and institutions. Ms. Prinz began her Silicon Valley career as an associate in the Palo Alto office of the New York-based intellectual property boutique, Pennie & Edmonds, LLP, and then went on to be the founder of The Prinz Law Office, a Silicon Valley-based boutique law firm focused on digital health, health technology, health IT, software, and SaaS. Ms. Prinz is also the founder of the Silicon Valley Life Sciences Advisors Group, a national networking group of life sciences service providers. Ms. Prinz is a frequent presenter on SaaS, life sciences, and IP transactions issues, and the author of the Silicon Valley Digital Health Law Blog. Ms. Prinz graduated from Vanderbilt School of Law and is licensed to practice law in the states of California and Georgia

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