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When does a Digital Health Company need a Service Level Agreement?

I often find that many digital health companies are unfamiliar with the concept of a service level agreement and have no idea when they might need one. A “service level agreement” or “SLA” is a technical agreement that defines that parties’ expectations of the level of service that will be provided in a particular service […]

Is your Digital Health Software Company Signing Customers to Contracts Based on the Appropriate Contract Model?

Is your digital health software company signing customers to contracts that are based on the appropriate technology contracting model? In digital health contracts (as in software contracts generally), perhaps the single most common issue that gets confused is the difference between a software license and a software-as-a-service agreement.  But the concepts are very different.  In […]

How to Recognize a Poorly Written Digital Health Contract

In my experience, the first sign of a poorly drafted digital health contract is that contract completely confuses the software licensing and SaaS technology models, so that it’s extremely unclear as to what kind of product that the software provider is actually selling. If the product is a software license, the contract should contain a […]

Key Mistakes Companies Make in Negotiating Digital Health Software Contracts

What are the key mistakes companies make when negotiating digital health software contracts? First and foremost, the most common mistake I run into negotiations is that companies often end up negotiating with the wrong contract as the starting point.  For example, the parties may negotiate from a software license template when they need a SaaS […]

Drafting Problems with Fee Terms in Digital Health Contracts

When a client sends me a digital health software agreement to review or update, I always make a priority of reviewing any terms in the contract involving fees and then carefully reviewing the website and any marketing materials or fee schedules to confirm that the fee terms in the contract clearly match the fees listed […]

Will Your Digital Health Company’s Contracts be Vulnerable to a Recession?

If your digital health company is like most companies right now, your company is nervous about the possibility of an impending recession.  Of course, the real challenge is how to handle those nerves, and what steps your digital health company should take to better protect itself in the current environment.  The conventional wisdom is to […]

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